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Important Dates

  • Application Deadline for summer sports is February 1st
  • Application Deadline for winter sports is September 15th
  • Please click here for deadline overview

Contact Information

Kaitlin McCoombs
Support4Sport Coordinator
kmccoombs@ W88 Casino | w88club www.w88wthai.com

* Please note that this program is transitioning to the Nova Scotia Provincial Pathway Initiative and deadlines may not apply to all PSOs*

See NSPPI for more details

Support4Sport- Canada Games Programming  

Applicants are encouraged to read the eligibility information noted here and ensure they meet the criteria before beginning an application. If eligible, please review and complete an application and all requested supplementary information by February 1st for summer sports and September 15th for winter sports.

The Support4Sport Allocation Committee reviews the applications annually. All deadline submitting will be strictly adhered to. All applicants can confirm receipt of the application through the URL provided. All applicants will be notified by email within five business days of the allocation committee's decision(s). 

Who is Eligible?

This will be funding for PSOs to support their Canada Games high-performance development plans. PSOs who receive block funding will be eligible for minimum support from this program. Applications will be considered for team and individual sports, as defined by Sport Canada. Funding will be allocated on an annual basis, with commitments of up to four years. Funding will allocated at six levels for individual sports and five levels for team sports:

Individual Sports
a. $30,000 
b. $20,000
c. $15,000 
d. $10,000 
e. $5,000 
f. $2,000 

Team Sports
a. $20,000
b. $15,000
c. $10,000
d. $5,000
e. $2,000

Funding amount: $450,000 available annually to be allocated through this program

Funding criteria/evaluation:
The following criteria will be considered when determining funding from this program:

1. PSOs Canada Games high-performance plan, including competitive structure and training
2. Coach and Athlete Selection Criteria approved by board
3. Coach and Athlete Appeals Criteria approved by board
4. Fit of the plan within the Long-Term Athlete Development Model
5. Potential for results at national/international level
6. Potential for results at Canada Games – identify individuals and events
7. History of results at national/international level
8. History of results at Canada Games
9. Presence of adequate and accessible facilities
10. Growth potential of sport
11. Budget

The annual evaluation for programs receiving funding from this area will be based on agreed upon measures of the plan and an examination of the criteria listed above. 

Allocation process:
Allocations will occur every year. Decisions on allocations will be made by a Support4Sport review committee with representation from Sport Nova Scotia, the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic, the Department of Health and Wellness, and a representative from the sport community. 

Application/allocation timeline:
Application deadline for summer sports is February 1st. Application deadline for winter sports is September 15th.

Reporting Process:
Annual interviews are required for summer and winter sports. Please click here to view the Support4Sport Canada Games deadlines.

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