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Important Dates



September 15th 2016

Deadline for NSPPI Application Form

September 22nd, 2016

Notification of PSOs accepted into NSPPI

Either October 25th or October 26th, 2016

Initial workshop with selected PSOs

Week of November 28th, 2016 (2hrs per group)
Week of January 16th, 2017 (2hrs per group)

Consultant and NSPPI lead to work with PSOs on pathway plans and KPIs

March 15th, 2017

Plans completed and submitted

May 1st, 2017

Funding Notification for NSPPI

Contact Information

Evan MacInnis
Director- Pathway and Performance Services
Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic

Nova Scotia Performance Pathway Initiative (NSPPI)

The goal of the Nova Scotia Performance Pathway Initiative is to position the Province as a recognized leader in the Nation when it comes to athlete and coach development. This will be achieved by creating a pathway that will lead to athletes, coaches and administrators contributing to Canada’s international success.

The following information and Application Form will be used to determine eligibility and to identify potential PSOs for qualification to the NSPPI. 

Benefits to Your Sport
  • Access and consultation with one of the world leaders in performance planning
  • Customized, comprehensive and integrated performance pathway plans
  • Professional development in performance pathway leadership
  • Facilitation of PSO/NSO alignment
  • Effective and practical tool to track performance, organizational and KPI results
  • Benchmarking (current status) vs. international trends
  • Bring clarity to roles/drivers within PSO (staffing and volunteer efficiencies) 

Minimum Eligibility Requirements
The NSPPI will only be available to PSOs that are formally recognized by the Department of Health and Wellness Block Funding Criteria

Application Requirements

1. Letter of endorsement from your NSO 
Part of the process of the NSPPI is to ensure effective alignment between PSO and NSO plans, therefore your NSO will need to be involved with you in this program to ensure effective alignment between respective performance plans.  As such you will be required to provide a letter of endorsement from the appropriate person at your NSO (e.g. Executive Director, CEO, High Performance Director, National Technical Director or equivalent) to demonstrate their willingness to support the process.

2. Letter of endorsement from your Board of Directors 

Part of the process of the NSPPI is to finish with an effective and comprehensive performance pathway plan that will be validated and adopted by your organization.  As such you will be required to provide a letter of endorsement from the appropriate person on your Board of Directors (e.g. President, Chair or equivalent) to demonstrate their willingness, understanding and support of the program.

3. Expectations of PSOs accepted into the NSPPI

If your sport is accepted into the NSPPI, your PSO will be expected to:
  • Ensure a pathway committee of at least three people (admin lead, technical lead, and board representative) is formed to liaise and communicate in relation to this project and perform relevant functions. 
  • Participate in pathway planning workshops
  • Create or upgrade pathway plans and develop appropriate key performance indicators
  • Ensure pathway plans are aligned with NSO plans
  • Have pathway plan validated by PSO leadership
  • Provide data annually
4. Complete the online application form via Sport Nova Scotia portal.

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